Use of Bongs by Cannabis and Tobacco Users

Bongs are an alternative smoking method where the smoke from tobacco or cannabis is passed through water using a pipe for filtration purposes.  Most people use marijuana or tobacco by inhaling or smoking but using bongs is argued to be healthier.  The bongs can be made from home, but there are still bongs that can be bought in commercial stores. Bongs have a variety of designs and shapes, and they can be customised to suit your preference.  However, some continents like Australia have banned the sale of bongs in commercial places to reduce intake of Cannabis and Tobacco in their countries.

Most users of Cannabis in Australia preferred using the bong instead of smoking joints.  Research conducted indicated that a significant number of students used Cannabis through a bong and this necessitated regulatory measures to make buying of bongs hard to discourage drug use.

Using water in a smoking device is a practice that has existed for decades, but there is no clear evidence on the person who designed the apparatus. The country where the device was first used is also unknown.  However, some people speculate that the bongs were employed in East Africa and Southern Africa countries before the white people introduced smoking of tobacco to the people many centuries ago.  Another group of people stick to the belief that the Chinese and the Persians were the first people to use water pipes mainly to smoke tobacco.

The term bong is believed to have originated from Thailand where the Taiwan's used the word baung which meant a tube sourced from the bamboo tree.  Thai people mainly use the water pipe when they were smoking hashish, kancha and hemp-plant.  Though a majority of cannabis users prefer smoking the person who uses bongs believe that when the smoke runs through the water it becomes cooler and it does not disturb the user's throat compared to smoking.

Bongs have a lot of similarities with hookahs, but a bong is preferable because it is movable.  Researchers have never ascertained that using cannabis or tobacco through a bong is safer, but the users believe that the water reduces the health risks caused by tar and other poisonous elements.  However, young cannabis users will cling to the belief that bongs can reduce the toxins found in marijuana and these devices are widely used by the young generation across the world. The bongs and water pipes , however, do not make tobacco or cannabis less harmful and you should be aware of the health risks before deciding to use these drugs.